“Witchcraft” Ways That Make Your Home Look Bigger

We all don’t have the money in the world to renovate a house to our liking. However, we find ways to make things happen. There are tips and techniques that help make your interior look bigger and brighter without having to destroy everything down and then renovate it to BECOME bigger. No, this is where “witchcraft” comes in. where you just need to manipulate your eyes and senses without really lying to yourself about just how small your house is.

Hey, if you’re comfortable in your house then it shouldn’t be much of a big deal if the house even really IS small or big, right? If you want to impress visitors, then you can do it with art and creativity, not in size.

  • Wallpaper or paint the ceiling to make the room seem taller
  • Floors and the walls must be decked in light colours
  • For the illusion of spaciousness, pull the furniture away from the walls
  • Multi-purpose items and hidden storages are key here so utilise them
  • To make it seem as if the room is taller and bigger, hang the shelves near the ceiling to draw the eyes upward
  • Art pieces smaller than a cantaloupe make the room crowded so pick decorative pieces taller or slightly bigger than a standard-sized cantaloupe
  • Get statement furniture that actually fills the room
  • Stripes elongate the space so use that for flooring
  • You can create a look of structure if you colour code your shelves
  • Your tiny bathroom needs a clear curtain shower
  • For a room with more depth, stop covering your windows since the natural light coming from it will also help brighten up the room
  • Make your room look expensive by using dramatic art pieces
  • Lucite and glass items help you utilise space since they don’t take up more than they should
  • No more overhead lights, use lamps to draw the eye to the whole room and so light gets scattered around instead of just in one place at the centre
  • One room can have separate smaller spaces if you use rugs
  • For unity, use different shades of one colour
  • Use furniture with exposed legs
  • You can have the illusion of having more space if you strategically place big mirrors in the area

And as a tip, if you want a really helpful way to make more space, then break the rules. Just because it’s a living room doesn’t mean there has to be a sofa in it. Or a coffee table. Use bean bag chairs or a swinging bed as seating. And why bother with a coffee table when you can utilise a nice stool? Having less decorations is also key for a minimalist look. You can always have more space if there isn’t much occupying said space, right? Be smart and you’ll get what you want.