The Art Of Putting Plants In Your Home – All The Good Stuff

We all have been taught, as kids, that plants are amazing. We were told and taught about what they do for us, what they stand for and what it means to preserve nature.

Did you also know that there are a lot of benefits for keeping some at home?

When you live in the city, it’s really hard to get your daily dose of fresh air- the pure kind you get from living plants. So you do your best to walk around parks or something to get it. But that only really happens when you’re going to work and going home if you decide to walk, and when you have free time to go to said park. As humans, we need fresh air ALL the time because we breathe ALL the time. Plants provide that.

THAT is the number one reason why having a houseplant- or several houseplants- in your home is great.

Clean air

Ever have a smoker at home totally ruining your air? Having plants can help with that. Since it’s a known fact that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, you literally blow smoke or fart at a plant and they’ll eat all that up and that give us back safe and clean air to breathe. And they do this ALL the time.

Stress reduced

Having plants in your vicinity help with reducing your stress levels. There’s just something about them that keep our moods up and going. It’s a great idea to have a couple in your room and even in your office, so you can at least minimise all that bad mojo up in your melon. And by that we mean plants push all you bad thoughts away.

Sickness reduced

This is true mostly because since they are known for sucking in the stuff we don’t want to inhale. They prevent any allergies that are to happen, which is really handy for those who struggle with colds almost every month. Thank God for plants that have the magical abilities to help with congestion. People who problems with allergies really need them.

Helps breathing

This kind of already ties in with the whole air-purifying benefit we talked about, but it still is worth to mention it again because plants DO help us breathe in general. Plants and we humans have this whole circle thing that work pretty well. We help each other stay alive. We produce carbon dioxide for them and they produce oxygen for us.

Pretty freaking awesome

You got to admit that plants are really pretty if grown right. Just like how we humans would look beautiful if we groom ourselves just right, plants are the same. Putting a really pretty one in the house to improve how it looks is like next level interior decorating. Something that is even better than re-painting, because it actually gives us something beneficial to our health.