Some Advice When Moving House With Children Involved

Have kids?

That’s rough, buddy.

Still, children are amazing as they are frustrating. If they are already causing us much stress on a normal day, then I hope you like white hair because moving is going to give you Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Needing tips on how to handle the stress of the whole moving process WHILE keeping your kids under control for at LEAST during the move? Don’t worry, we got your tips. They aren’t so much as tips as they are reminders regarding your kids while moving house.

Pack while they’re still asleep! (This especially means the toys)

This is so you don’t have any noisy and unnecessary distractions in the day when things get real busy and hectic. Packing is one of the most important things to do when moving but you can’t do that properly if your kids are running around the house demanding your attention. It’s like trying to juggle while doing your trigonometry homework at the same time, it’s impossible.

Ask for help from friends or other family members with the kids

You are going to be busy with the papers and the whole moving in general, which means you won’t have time to look after your kids during the months of this process. Have someone else take care of the kids for you in the meantime.

Ask for help when packing

Again, it doesn’t have to be just you and your spouse. Have a brother or a sister help out. Maybe even a neighbour? This is for when you are actually paying attention to your kids. Have them help pack while you tend to your children.

Use colour-coded duct tape

If you don’t want to bother with labelling, just use coloured duct tape to close the boxes. This is so you know which box has your daughter’s things or your son’s things in it. In fact, do it for all of your boxes.

Instead of weeks, start months earlier than you would think is reasonable

Just so you don’t stress yourself to tears thinking about how the days are flying by while your hands are still busy catering to your kids and their needs. You think it took long for you to get out that door when it was just you moving out? Well, it’s going to take an eternity and a half with kids in the mix.

Get rid or sell items at night

If you don’t want screaming in your face about how you took the one toy they never play with anymore and sold it off, then I suggest you do this when they don’t notice. Better yet, sell them off when they’re asleep.

Pack a suitcase for each family member

This is so it will be easier to separate the belongings depending on who they belong to when you have to stay somewhere that isn’t the new house yet. It makes things easier.