Settling Down in Your New Home

It can seem a very long road from finding somewhere new to live, selling your home, finding a removal company and getting settled in your new home. Moving house is a process which cannot be rushed, it is also known to be one of the most stressful things that the average person will do in their lifetime. Planning ahead and preparing yourself is one way that you can reduce the stress when moving home. Sometimes it is definitely worth paying a company to try and remove some of this stress.

Finding a Home

No matter where you are moving to and how far of a distance, sometimes trying to find your new home seems like an endless chore. Trudging round looking at house within your budget and in areas that you wish to live, finding the perfect home can take a bit if foot work. You can save on this though if you use the internet to do a lot of the looking beforehand. If you already know the area in which you wish to live, then there will be countless houses advertised on the internet with detailed information and also pictures for you to look at. You can even use software such as Google Earth to get a perspective of the house and its surroundings before you even pay it a visit. This way you can narrow down your search and arrange to see a list of house that you are interested in, all in the same day or spread over a weekend.


One way to remove a lot of the stress and also physical work of moving home is to hire a removal company to do the job for you. Having four or five companies coming to your house and surveying the contents to work out a quote is much easier than packing everything yourself. There are lots of different companies out there and getting a quote is free of charge so it is best to get as many as you can. Always check the level of insurance coverage offered, in case of any accidents or damage to your property whilst it is in transit. Once you have made a decision on the house removal company that you will use, you just need to arrange the date of the move. When that day arrives they will come with their truck and armed with boxes, packing material and tape. It will not be long until the entire contents of your house are packed up into boxes and loaded onto the truck, ready to start their journey to your new home.

Decorating before you move in

Most houses are going to require some decorating before we will be really happy with them. If you can get this done before you move, then it will save a lot of hassle in the long run, as you have a completely empty house with no furniture getting in the way. You will be able to get everything decorated to suit your tastes and also your furniture before you move in, meaning you will have less things to do and can settle into your new home quicker. This is not always possible though especially if you are buying a house which is part of a selling chain and everyone is on a strict deadline to move.

Settling in

Whether you have a chance to decorate before you move in or not, when the removal company arrives with their truck and your belongings in it, it won’t be long until the same fast moving process can be observed working in reverse. Getting all of your furniture assembled and in the desired location. Unpacking everything from the boxes and putting them in the correct room. All you need to do is tell them where to put it and the job is done. Not only that, but they will also clean up after themselves and take all of their rubbish with them as well. What better way to move into your new home? All you need to do is sit down in your favourite chair after all of the work is done, put your feet up and enjoy a nice glass of wine or two as you settle in to your new home.


This article was written by Nicholas Holmes on behalf of the House Removals Company. The Removal Boxes UK is an industry leaders in moving homes and offices to anywhere in the world. Nicholas is a keen blogger and has moved homes many times including on three different continents. He also enjoys sharing his experiences on his many blogs.